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Been too Long

Its been almost a year since i have posted and so much has happened. My Airman and i have gone throught our ups and downs, i started college, my airman is living very far away from me now, and this year was the year i alost lost my father. Its been a long year since i last posted but im finally getting my life together and back to being where i was when i was happy. I missed being on her and i am happy to get back to being on here. Cant wait to catch up with everyone

Air Force Girlfriend

This life isnt always easy but its the life i have decided to live. I love my Airman and would do anything for him. He hopefully is coming home for his 2 weeks in May but i have come to learn he's no longer on my schedual or his hes on the militarys and there is no such thing as a solid date in the military and thats gonna be a hard thing to get use to. But everyday i am becoming strronger and learning new things about the life of a military girlfriend and learning its ok to have a bad day but no matter what one bad day will never overpower the days i had with my love and the days we have to come.

12 Days

Plane tickets bought, hotel is paid for, and all my food and spending money is set. I have 12 days and i will be on a plane to Texas. No one can even fathum how excited i am to get there and see my man but everybody is counting down with me. Im gonna start packing my bag this week and get all my paperwork for the trip together Im so excited nothing can even compair to this excitment.



I got a letter today and not only did my airman write me but another airman did too IĀ felt kinda special lol. Im glad he made one friend and he wants me to meet him when I go down to Texas and hes so excited to see me. Its the best thing in the world to get a letter I love it


My decision

I have really come to see I dont care what anyone thinks anymore. Im not going to senior prom I did the prom thing last year and i had the time of my life with my boyfriend, Im not taking the senior trip I have better things to spend my money on and better things to do.

Honestly this trip to see my boyfriend is all i care about that and my grades

Life is harder some days then others and today is a hard day.My life

I cant wait

I wish his graduation was here already i miss him so much and no one understands. I want to see him so bad. This time cant go by fast enough. I love him so much i just want to hold his hand, i want to kiss his lip, and i wanna hear the sound of his heart beat again.


Hey everyone you can call me Brit im new to this site and cant wait to start blogging just about life and everything thats to come in my life.

I am a pround USAF Girlfriend and most my posts will probably be about the airforce and just finishing up school but im excited to see if this website will help me get through the rough time and help celebrate the good.


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